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ZyZi BROS: Premier Entertainmen & Tour Company

We specialize in organising trips around Thailand, taking in some of the most breath - taking sights of this beautiful country while you party like a rockstar.
The service we provide in accomodation, travel and the parties you will attend are all of the highest standard. You will find all your needs catered for during the bar, boat, pool, beach and villa parties on payment of the £1500( More than 31 working days before the provision of the services: £1245 refundable, 30 to 11 working days before the provision of the services: £750 refundable, 10 working days or less before the provision of the services: no refund) you will recieve confirmation of your booking from ZyZi BROS,  which will include organise visa if needed, helping to book plane tickets for your specified dates, confirmation of accomodation, an itinary of our trips and party schedules.
On arrival at Bangkok airport, you will be met by one of our friendly reps, who will bring you to your accomodation.
We will be catering for groups of six people, these can be a group of friends or individuals. Both male and female clients are welcome.
If you have enjoyed your stay with ZyZi BROS, we would be grateful if you recommend us to friends or others you know. Any bookings taken, (friend recomended) has a £50 transferable payment to your account after  deposit been paid by your friend.

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