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Pattaya It's an ultimate destination for party seekers

What's included:

  • Help to organise plane tickets

  • Organise Visa if required

  • Accommodation and transfers

  • Meals 3 times a day

  • Variety of drinks supplied 

  • Parties include: street party, pool party, boat party, house party, beach party, bars and VIP areas in clubs.

What to expect:

  •  Meal times and hotel stay will be in the Itinerary, but are open to some changes (Hotel Meal times etc.), to give a better experience for party seekers.

  • First two days in Bangkok( Hotel): First day will be taking it easy,  unpack in your comfortable hotel room, Group meeting in Hotel Bar, this will be Orientation for hotel stay, including emergency contact details, Hotel address and Contact number if any individual wants to return early to the hotel, Taxi will be ordered  for this purpose. There will be a Tuk Tuk drive around Bangkok with drinks on the first evening, stopping to have a massage at massage parlour on that evening tour. We will be visiting some cool bars and clubs along the way, and depending on how everyone is feeling, you will be partying well into the early hours.

  • Second day: Will be chilling at the swimming pool with some drinks, then some sightseeing in the afternoon for those who are interested in some authentic Thai culture, but for those who are here for the ultimate party experience, we will take you to the most fun and best bars Bangkok has to offer. After evening meal, we will be visiting the best party street in Bangkok, which is full of the best Party Pubs around and then onto some of Bangkok's best Nightclubs.

  • Third day: 2-3 Hour transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya. Upon arrival at Villa accommodation, unpack in your room before group meeting with drinks for orientation meeting in the house or next to the pool. When evening arrives we will take you visiting some amazing  GOGO bars where there are beautiful dancing ladies and other dancing beauties covering all tastes.

  • Fourth day: Some attractions we will be visiting the best water park in Asia and of course after that the best clubs in Pattaya.

  • Fifth day: Will be visiting one of the best streets in Pattaya full of daytime bars and in the evening, live music bars and some other of our favourite hotspots.

  • Sixth day: Best pool party in Pattaya, there will be music, drinks, dancing and of course hard partying.

  • Seventh day: This day is an opportunity to explore on your own, do some shopping,Taxi provided to take you to markets that have a wide variety of goods for sale, with a pre-arranged collection time and pick up zone. We will be organising a trip to the island of Koh Larn,  if shopping is not your thing. We will  be touring this beautiful island on hired motor bikes, provided by a local hire company at no expense to the customer.

  • Eight day:Let's the good times roll, we will start quite early on this day as it's boat party time!! Once back on shore, we hope you will still be in a party mood as we  will visit more bars and nightclubs.

  • Ninth day: Will have some entertainment during the day, such as, water surfing and drinks and after that a ping pong show which is a must see while in Thailand.

  • Tenth day: This is our Signature party, this will be the best party of your holiday. Our house party will include dancing entertainment, lots of games, drinks and a Dj, definitely will be the greatest party you ever attend.

  • Eleventh day:Transfer to koh chang, unpacking, usual orientation meeting,followed by evening meal. At night, more bars and drinks.

  • Twelfth day: Tour of the island, rest of the day relaxing at a great beach, for swimming and drinks, then party at the beach in the evening.

  • Thirteenth day: Last day of holidays a day off, to chose what would you like to do, stay at the beach and enjoy the sun or drive around the island visit shops or bars.

  • Fourteenth day: Transfer back to Bangkok airport.

Pattaya: Tour Packages
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